Photographers... these guy's are essential to record the day and there are a lot of things to consider when looking to book a photographer, don't just look at the pictures... consider how they were achieved!

All the professionals appearing on these pages are 'top of their tree's if not out of them!!! not only are the pictures superb, they can manage people well and do not obtrude or take over the day in any way.  While they no doubt, will make you work hard, the smiles on your faces are there because you are at ease and happy... which is as it should be!

I would be hard pressed to choose from any of these if it were me!!!






Terry Benson, Photographer

Beckenham,   020 8663 6514

image to come


Face2Face - Katey Halford

The Studio @ the Warrens
Badsell Road,
Five Oak Green
TN12 6QR

01892 838 469

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Celine Photography