This one arrived recently attached to a bottle of Vosne - Romanee, very nice it was too!

Jonathon & Alison Fletcher-Rodgers, Stanhill court, 5th November 2005.

and then the following arrived via email 0n 29/11/05...

Dear Nigel

I am glad that you enjoyed the wine. Thank you so much for helping to make

our day so special.

We have some lovely photos and you can see them on the photographer's website.   The second one of me and Jon when you are hitting the table is hilarious. Jon looks terrified!

Once again, thank you so much. You were right, it was definitely the best money we spent.

It was so good not to have to worry about what was happening next and where we were supposed to be. Everyone says they had a great time and we did too.

Love from

Alison Fletcher Rogers

Dear Nigel
What can we say?
You were absolutely right (not that we ever doubted you!) - you are an essential part of any wedding reception !!
You took all the worries and organising away from us from the moment we arrived at the Frensham Ponds,  and your smiling face was a joy to behold as you held the door open! 
We knew then that we  could relax and enjoy.  Which we certainly did (judging by the photos !)
We don't know what you said to Ben and Neil (we saw you three in a huddle) but whatever it was it certainly inspired them to make two wonderful speeches !
Everyone at the wedding has spoken very highly of you and we will not hesitate to recommend you.
When (and if ) our two remaining unmarried offspring decide to tie the knot, you can be sure we will ask you  to act as Toastmaster again.
When the official photos arrive, we will send one of you with the happy couple.
Many thanks
Kind regards
David & Jenny Else

Friday 8th April 2005.



Sorry for the delay in writing to you, I don't know where the time has gone since we returned from our honeymoon. We are now doing those jobs around the house that we were putting off until "after the wedding", probably hoping that time would never actually arrive!

I have finally finished writing all the thank you for the presents we received, that part was fun, it was better than Christmas even as a child.

My Dad managed to get through his speech, and is now feeling guilty because he called Ian's Mum Brenda instead of Barbara, we can wind him up with that one forever.

Anyway we wanted to say a big thank you for everything you done for us on the day, including scrapping Nanny up off the carpet, we hope you enjoyed it as well, I want to do it all again but in slow motion this time, when people say it is the best day off your life, they are right.

Well hopefully we will meet again, and if anyone ever needs a toastmaster we know who to recommend.

Thanks again Nigel.

Best regards,

Justine & The man of the moment Ian (Ross)

Hi there Nigel,
We just wanted to thank you for all your efforts on our wedding day Sunday 24th August at Great Fosters. 
Everyone commented on how well the day went, and without you that would not have been possible.   Things ran very smoothly and everything ran on time pretty much (except the ceremony, which was my doing !!).   We had an amazing day and an equally magical honeymoon in Singapore and the Maldives.  We've been back a couple of weeks, and are just about coping with getting back to normality following all the chaos - happy chaos I might add !!
We had many comments regarding you in particular, everyone thought you were fantastic and were pleasantly surprised by your very modern approach to "toastmaster-ing". 
Martyn and I were delighted with everything you did for us on the day, as well as in the run up... you helped make the day special, and more importantly hassle-free !!
We cannot thankyou enough, and wouldn't hesitate in recommending you....
If ever you're in the area again, pop in for a beer, you'd be most welcome
Kind regards,
Martyn & Melanie Norris (nee Melanie Crick) 24/08/03
Dear Nigel,

Well what can we say? A perfect day that went without a hitch and a lot of that was due to your presence.

You looked after us so well and kept everything and everyone in order. Thank you so much for helping our best man who clearly found the whole experience a bit much!!  Your light heartedness and jokes at the end of his speech made the tense part of the day end on a happy note.  Not only are you a brilliant MC, but a real diamond geezer!!!!!

We will always recommend you to anybody who wants their celebrations to go as smoothly as ours did.

Thanks again 

Jerry, Brenda, Paul & Michelle   xxxx   28 April 2001


You were utterly bloody brilliant last night; god knows what we would have done without you!

A million apologies for the total disorganisation, it was inevitable with so many chiefs, so thanks for sorting it out.

I really didn't enjoy myself, and my leg hurts like hell today, but I guess we achieved our target and more, so it was worth the struggle.

Once again Nigel, thanks a million.

I'll pass your number onto anyone who requires a hugely professional Toastmaster, co-ordinator, and much more.


Nikki  13 May 2001

Hello Nigel, 

I would just like to thank you for making my day so perfect.  I truly had the best day of my life.

Everybody commented on how great you were, and I think you will be getting a few more bookings in the future!!. I'm sure you will agree the day went really well, although slightly mad at times !!

Your help was greatly appreciated. Once again, thank you so much,

Kind regards,

Katie & Terry Connell. 28 July 2001

Good day, Nigel.

 What an absolutely wonderful day you gave us at Lynford Hall.   Your eye to detail and the way you kept the programme and guests’ moving was truly remarkable.

All the comments I have received, and there were many, have all been complementary.   "Best wedding ever" is fairly typical, and it just would not have been the same event without the excellent Toastmaster Nigel. Thank you very much.

 I saw John Nelson as I was leaving Lynford Hall the following morning. He's the wedding co-ordinator there.   He said you were the best Toastmaster by far they have ever had at Lynford, and he's been there for years.   I'm sure you will hear more from him.

 If this note amounts to a reference, then use it freely.

David Williams - Father of the Bride     7 August 2001

Dear Nigel, 

Well its all over now......and down with a bump back into reality! Greece was very hot...over 40 degrees daily, so Greg and I managed to top up the tan nicely. 

You have been constantly spoken about since the wedding.... which I'm sure you already know? However, I would like to add that we were so pleased that you were part of our very special day and boy did you add to that word special! Your experience shone through as the day unfolded, everyone loved the pomp and circumstance associated with a Toastmaster but that, combined with your witty innuendoes had us all in stitches. Thank you Nigel for being everything you said you were...brilliant! 

I still recall that first day we met, me and Angela walking innocently (Yes it was!) through the exhibition at the Hop Farm in February, I think? In my normal fashion I was bossing her around as you have rightly told me since. Somehow you.... Yes you! pick me/us out from the crowd and start off on "you need a Toast Master Madame" to which I replied, no I don't! From that moment on you were destined to be part of this July 1st 2000 wedding. 

Pulling up to Barham Court all I remember seeing is you in your lovely red/scarlet tails and the shades!!! Yes the shades made the outfit, you then provided us with a glass champagne and the scene was set and we had the most fantastic day. 

You are a true professional and I would say this to any bride and groom considering you for their wedding, do it... "You cannot afford not to have Nigel at your wedding" he will make the day, trust me. 

A photo will follow Nigel of you and us together and I will also write this exact same letter to you so you can show it at the next expo. 

Until then I do hope you are well and I look forward the next time we can afford to employ you. 

With love Gail & Greg Godden XOX