Once a deposit is secured I am at your service to help with just about any problem you can think of regarding your big day… In the normal course of events I will come to you and discuss your requirements and expectations for the day about a fortnight before.  I have a questionnaire for you to fill out, which gives me a database to work from on your behalf on the day. This is my homework!  and it makes sure you get the day you want! this is when we set the type of mood you want for your day.

I will also help those in need when it comes to the speeches. I can outline the speeches, write them, format them, show you how to present them (if I had a penny for every one who says "no problem, I do this every day at work...!") and on the day can even make them on your behalf! Click here for more info on Speeches

On the day; I arrive approx. 1 hour before your arrival at the reception venue and check the silly and obvious. Is there a cake knife? etc. I will then liaise with: 

  • the catering staff on the best way to proceed and discuss timings. 
  • the photographer and the videographer. 
  • the DJ, who is then MC for the rest of the evening.

As you and your guests arrive I will then:
  1. usher your guests in the right direction for reception drinks on arrival,
  2. Assist the photographer in organising any remaining pictures.
  3. Organise receiving line as necessary.
  4. Announce & parade the Bride and groom into the Wedding Breakfast to loud applause!
  5. Announce and/or say Grace (call me for an example on 0800 956 1186)
  6. During the meal, circulate the guest book, announce any special 'wine-takings' or toasts.
  7. Announce and encourage photos for the Cutting of the Cake.
  8. Announce (and prepare!) the speakers in turn.
  9. Parade the Bride & Bridegroom to the bar, dance floor or fresh air so that the evenings celebrations may begin
  10. Announce and encourage first dance.

This may not seem like much, but while all this is going on we are also looking for and dealing with all the other problems, large and small, that DO occur at every wedding. The aim is that Top Table is not disturbed by anything that can spoil, even slightly, their day. you have by now spent a lot of money on this one day, it makes sense then to make sure all runs smoothly!

See also my Frequently asked Questions Page